The Digital Workplace (DWP) adoption project moves on steadily. At Gonvarri we are convinced that this project will transform the working methods at the company and boost its professionals’ talent. Hence, we are happy to announce that you can find on the Gonvarri App all you need to now regarding the DWP.

You just have to go to Private Area and tap on the Applications button to access this content.

In this space you will find:

  • Digital Workplace Hub: on this site of SharePoint you will find all the information of the DWP project: materials, audiovisual projects, detailed guides, calendars… For the moment, just the employees taking part in the first pilot have access to it. If you can’t get to it, don’t worry, soon all the company will have access to it!
  • Video: you still do not know that the DWP is? You just have to watch this video with the keys of the project.
  • Academy: training regarding the different tools for our trip to the Digital Workplace, its features, benefits, tips and… much more!
  • Feedback: we want to know your opinion about the Digital Workplace to keep improving and moving on.

We have already commenced our trip. Be aware of the news and development of the DWP!

And remember, if you still don’t have the App, it is available both for Android and iOS.